about me!


Nickname is Lala, Landy, Landra

Born 19th of Feburary 1991
Living in Perth, Western Australia
Pisces or Aquarius in the zodiac depending on the year (yay for the cusp!)
Goat in the Chinese zodiac
Ancestry is Jewish, Spanish and Generic White-ness

I'm a lover of Japanese fashion! My all time favourite style is lolita, and I've been wearing lolita for almost 4 years now.
My style is best described as darkly cute, I use alot of black but pair it with cute motifs and items to make it more me! But as you can probably tell, I like pink! 
I love food! I especially love Asian food, like noodles or sushi, and fattening food like McDonalds. I'm also a massive sweet tooth. Candy and icecream and chocolate and cakes are my favourite things!
I love to have naps, I'm like a little old lady.  ^_^'
I'm a internet and YouTube addict, I spend way too much time on my laptop. I especially like to watch Let's Plays!
Metal Gear Solid is my all time favourite video game series! Solid Snake is my hero  *____* 
My favourite genre of TV and movies is scifi, I also like a good scifi or fantasy novel.
I have 2 dogs, Cally and Bonnie, and a lizard named Baku! They're my babies! 

Hope that's a good enough description of me, and the kinds of things that might pop up here! :D

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