Sunday, 26 July 2015

Hanging with ma buddy Isabelle!

Last week I got to hang out with my school buddy Isabelle! We went into the city and has so much fun! We jokingly called it a "date"   ;P
The only rule we had for this is that we had to wear our nicest clothes and be fabulous! Because I was complaining that I had nowhere to wear my best lolita outfit and we came up with this idea.
Thank you Isabelle for being so willing to hang out with a crazy over-the-top lolita!  ^_^

The first thing we did was head off to the arcade and do purikura together! Isabelle had never done it before so I was so excited do it with her!
We did play a few games though, I showed how good I am at Mario Kart  XP
My favourite is the magazine style one, it almost looks like it could be real!

Next we went off to get food, but we discovered a new Asian makeup store! My weakness! It's called Fairy Cosme, it's new and super small but it's better than nothing!
After trying a bunch of products I got two Etude House items, because I ADORE Etude House  *_*
The eye shadow is a beautiful bright matte pink, it's called Strawberry Macaroon (shade PK005)! I love it! And the lip tint is amazing too, it smells like cherries and tastes kinda tart and sour! I got it in Cherry Hot Pink (shade PK002).

After that we went to Utopia! It's an Asian restaurant that makes the best bubble tea and all their food is vegetarian! We went to get bubble tea and the amazing thing we call "fakey fried chicken", but the kitchen was closed for some reason, so sad  :(
So we got some of their pre-made baked goods and cakes instead! My food is on the left, I got a curry bread thingy, an oreo cookie parfait and my classic apple green tea bubble tea, with exploding juice ball thingys!   *____*
Isabelle got a curry pastry and tiramisu and I forgot what bubble tea but it had jelly  XD 

Yay, utopia selfies!  :D

Loli eating curry bun yoooooo

After that we walked around the city and looked at some cheap makeup, cause we both looooooove makeup! But we gave up pretty quickly and went back to my house. And there we did face masks  ^_^
So all in all, it was a super nice day and I wanna do it again soon!  :D

And here's a miscellaneous selfie I took on the train I liked to end with  :P

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  1. Friend dates rock! Love the photobooth pictures!