Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Outfit Post: "Giant Ass Platforms" I Told Her

I went and did karaoke with some friends of mine! Here's the outfit of the day  :D

First silly face of the year!

....and first derp face I need to cover of the year  >_<

Shirt Dress: Peter Alexander
Shoes: UNIF
Choker: WEGO
Socks: Target
Tights: eBay
Jewellery: Pandora

Didn't I say the Peter Alexander stuff would pop up in an outfit post soon?  :P
Aren't these shoes incredible?! First time wearing them out! I'm still getting used to walking in them, but I'm totally in love with them! They were too small for Dani, so I bought them off her for cheap! So shiny  *____*
Also, isn't my lipstick so pretty!? Again, first time wearing it! I got from Dani's store and couldn't resist wearing it right away. So bright  *____*
The tights weren't originally part of the outfit... At the last moment the weather decided to get crappy and I needed something to keep my legs warm. And these were the only thing I had at my partner's house  >_____<  Without them I think the outfit would have looked nicer and more cute and summery! Oh well, can't control the weather  :(


  1. Ahhh you ended up with Dani's platforms! So pretty!

  2. Love your shoes! Awww! <3 And first photo, very funny :D