Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Harajuku Clothes Haul! LISTEN FLAVOR and ACDC RAG

When I went on holiday to Tokyo I went to Harajuku alot! I fell in love with the fashion there! I discovered two brands, LISTEN FLAVOR and ACDC RAG. And this week I discovered that both ship internationally~! I couldn't resist getting a couple of items  :P


This brand is all about being cute and cool at the same time! Their items are usually done in a punk style with pastel colours. The motifs they use can be cute and kawaii, or creepy and weird!

I own these two oversized tshirts of theirs, and I love them to death! 
I had to add to my LISTEN FLAVOR collection, so I grabbed this shirt in a similar style!
I love the mix of the punky sleeves but pastel writing. I can't wait to wear this with shorts and my choker in summer!  :D


This brand is the place to go for affordable punk and Harajuku kawaii clothes! The top I wore in this outfit post is from their store. This time however I went with something pastel and cute! Unicorn hoodie!!

The thinner material and shorter sleeves means I can wear this in summer! Also super excited to wear this with shorts.  :P

I'm gonna be look fabulous this summer!  ;P

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