Friday, 26 December 2014

Boxing Day Haul! :D

I don't usually partake in the Boxing Day sales, but this year I decided to! And boy was it worth it! I came home with so many great things for so cheap!!  :D


I adore LUSH, it's one of my favourite stores that isn't Japanese (lol). I actually have a post written about them that I've yet to post....  But anyway, I scored two of their Christmas gift boxes for 50% off! Yay!

Star of Wonder box

 Whoop Whoop box

Peter Alexander

Another one of my favourite Aussie stores! Their stuff is higher end sleepwear, but I always wear them as normal clothes. Mix one of their cute items with a nice headband and pastel accessories and you have a super cute outfit! Everything they make is kawaii as shit~
The original price for all of these items was $380. Can you believe that?!?! I got them for $173. Even better than half price. Yaaaay!  :D
Expect these in future outfit posts I guess? ;P

I went a bit over the top this year huh? Whoops. Sorry not sorry  XD

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