Sunday, 2 November 2014

No Proper Mirror Outfit Post: Kapibara-san for Class

I've started a counseling and community service course! I wore an outfit with my Kapibara-san tshirt that I got from Japan to one of my first classes. My classmates commented on my outfit and said it was cute, so I'm posting it!


Shirt: Kapibara-san
Skirt: Target
Socks: Offbrand

Kapibara-san for lyf!  <3
I really need a full length mirror, I'm sorry! I couldn't really ask strangers to take photos of me...
I think this shirt looks super cute tucked in! I never wear shirts like that cause I get paranoid people will see my fat rolls, but it turned out okay!
Also, I've never worn socks with flats before (actually these have a small heel, but they look like flats from the front), and it looks adorable! I think this is something I'll have to do more often!
I'm also totally in love with these shoes, they're cute and go with everything! I always wear flats cause of my bad spine, but this time I went with shoes with a small heel. I think these shoes make my legs look alot nicer while still being small enough to not give my back problems. It's a win win!  :D

Bonus photo that I had derp eyes in, but showed my hair alot better. Fluffy poofy ponytail, yay!

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