Wednesday, 19 November 2014

More Halloween 2014!

I didn't want to clutter up my Halloween outfit post, so the Halloween spam will go here!  :D
I had a ton of fun, we were all fabulous and silly. We danced badly to terrible music, ate a bunch of food and laughed alot!

My partner Francis and I! By now his fake blood and eyeliner had started to come off, how sad!

How Francis looked at the beginning of the night, he came as a vampire! So cool!!  :D

Lame ass couple photo....  XD  But I do like the black/white contrast.

It was a bit after this I gave up and took off my wig and alot of my foundation came off, so from here on my outfit fell apart,  ^_^''''

My lovelies! Love my buddys face up the back  XD

Weirdly good selfies that of course happened AFTER taking off my wig. Typical.

I love Halloween! I wish I had more chances to look silly and spend time with my friends like this.  :D

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  1. What great costumes! You make a lovely pair!