Thursday, 27 November 2014

Blogvember Tag

Roses and Vellum tagged me for Blogvember! So here I go!  :D

What is the best thing about blogging?

The best part is being able to use my blog as a kind of diary to look back on things I've worn, liked or done. I've never been good at keeping a book diary, but blogging keeps me interested because of the visual aspect of it. It makes me feel like I'm being creative for once!  :P

What makes my blog special?

Honestly? Probably nothing.  XD  Maybe cause I talk about weird things I like that most people don't know about, like Kapibara-san?

How does my blog look in a year?

Can you ever really know the future? I would hope it still has alot of lolita in it, but also expanded to other fashion styles I like. I wouldn't mind posting about food more, cause I adore going out to eat regularly. And maybe I'll actually have comments on my posts?  XD

Which was my best post?

Probably my Photoshoot at Maison de Julietta post. But my favourite was My Recent Addiction to Kapibara-san post because it was the most fun one to create!  :D

What other blogs/bloggers inspire me?

Anyone I follow that makes regular posts! I admire their creativity and dedication!

There, my first tag! That was fun! I tag...... Whoever wants to do it! No pressure  :P

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  1. Yes, I liked learning about Kapibara-san!

    I am sure you will get lots more followers in time, you are still new!