Monday, 27 October 2014

Volunteering as a maid at Yobe Chibicon!

For Yobe Chibicon I was asked to work in the maid cafe! It was super stressful, but I'm glad I went.  :D

I didn't get to choose my outfit, but I tried to personalise it with my own things! Like my choker, kitty headband and the pins!

I've never done hospitality before and it was so scary! The kitchen people were giving us alot of trouble throughout the day.  >_<  But I loved when I could just talk to people and make them smile! Customers said I was cute and I noticed some people squee-ing at me! I even got a little present from a customer because I helped them out with a problem! And another person asked for a photo with me specifically!  *___*
Even though there were so many outside problems making me anxious, the good parts make me want to try being a maid again. And I'll be even MORE kawaii next time!!  :D

Bonus photo of me playing Just Dance with another of the maids on our break! We accidentally chose a couple-y song and ended dancing very lesbian like and making everyone laugh.  XD

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  1. That's a really cute maid outfit! ugh, hospitality is a nightmare, at least you got to do it in a cute dress!