Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Photoshoot at Maison de Julietta!

While I was on holiday in Japan I was lucky enough to have a makeover and photoshoot at the lolita salon in Harajuku, Maison de Julietta! It was a wonderful experience!

Firstly you have to book at the website Voyagin, specifically this activity here! They knew English so the booking went fine.
My friend Chelsea and I arrived at Maison on Sunday morning and had to wait 15 minutes or so while the person before us got into their outfit of choice. As it turns out they had quite a "production line" going on! While the last person had their photoshoot, we were getting our makeup done!
The staff were super nice to us but seemed to only know basic English. They helped us choose items with alot of gestures, which was super cute and pretty funny. I'd already decided I wanted to wear something with a bonnet, because it's something I never wear, and when I said the word "bonnet" they quickly understood and brought the bonnets and their matching dresses out for me! I ended up choosing a beautiful pink Baby, the Stars Shine Bright dress and matching bonnet, and staff helped me pick out a blouse, socks and shoes that would go with it!
I was worried that they wouldn't have much in my size because my bust is rather large by lolita brand standards, but it seemed as though they had chosen items specifically for their amount of stretch and it all fit me fine! The shoes however were a standard size and a little big for me, but I'll forgive them for that. It would cost way too much to stock shoes in a varying amount of sizes and colours I guess.

After getting dresses we were taken in to get our makeup done and the makeup lady was so nice! She seemed to know more English so I talked to her and it was nice. She even put false eyelashes on me! Then I got to choose my hairstyle, you can choose from either having your own hair done or to use a wig. I chose a wig because the humidity had made my hair look a bit gross that day. Chelsea however had her hair done.
Once all that was done it was off to the photoshoot! You get your photos taken in a little room but it has a nice variety of backdrops. The photographer didn't know much English, but he seemed to know alot of words to help direct me on how he wanted me to pose! I also got to take photos with Chelsea!  :D
The staff also took a bunch of photos for us with our phones and I was encouraged to take selfies too! I have so many I haven't even started to go through them  XD

All in all, Maison was fantastic!! The staff we're so lovely and really tried to talk to us in their broken English, and they were all skilled at their jobs. The selection of clothing, wigs and backdrops was also great!
The only downside of the photoshoot is that you have to pay for digital copies of your photos afterwards from the photographers website at about 1000yen per photo. So you can't choose alot unless you're willing to pay the price. I chose 12 photos because I felt this was a once in a lifetime opportunit! For me the overall price of Maison de Julietta and the photos came to about $200.

Even though it's pricey I'm so glad I did it! It's a wonderful memory of mine and I love the photos! I loved them so much I used them for the header and icon here on my blog!  :D

Here's a few of my favourite shots! I didn't wear my glasses for this, I look so different!  :P


  1. Such cute pics! Great shots, there :)

  2. Looks like a really fun experience. Did they have any Gothic Lolita type outfits, or was it all Sweet?

    1. They have gothic, classic, sweet and boystyle! So there's anything you'd want to try there~! :D