Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Hello Kitty Body Spray Review!

After talking to some friends about my new Hello Kitty perfume, they reminded me that Priceline also has these Hello Kitty body sprays! So here's what I think of them!  :D

Vanilla Ice Cream
Not a fan. It just smells like vanilla? But vanilla is never a smell I like in perfumes or body sprays anyway.

OMG BUBBLEGUM. It smells just like it! Perfect and sugary, it's my favourite!

Strawberry & Cream
This one is.... weird? It smell like strawberries and cream but a super artifical version. So it ends up just smelling weird and wrong to me.

Musk Sticks
I LOVE eating musk sticks, and this one also smells exactly like it should! I can see this smell being unpopular because alot of people don't like musk sticks, but I think it's great! My second favourite of the body sprays

Just smells like melon? I dunno, another average smell.

Grape (not pictured)
Smells just like grape Hubba Bubba! I don't like it as much as bubblegum or musk, but it's still pretty good!

All in all, these body sprays are hit or miss with their scents. They last quite a while, but seeing as they're a body spray they won't ever last as long as a perfume. But if your a fan of body spray AND sugary sweet scents, you'll probably love these like I do!  :D

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