Monday, 22 September 2014

The Best Asian Supermarkets in Perth

I love Asian food! I can't get enough of the stuff! With a Filipino partner and a love of a Japanese fashion I guess it's hard not to be introduced to various asian food. And I've fallen head over heels in love with the stuff!
Whenever my friends ask about certain items I always seem to know where to get it, it's become a kind of skill of mine.  XD
So for those that also live in Perth, here are my two all time favourite Asian supermarkets! <3

Market City Gourmet Foods
corner Banister Road and Ranford Road, Canning Vale 6155

Market City Gourmet is one of the largest Asian supermarket I know of in Perth. And lucky for me, it's a short bus trip away!
This place is great for core ingredient items. You need a specific type of flour? They probably got it. You need a certain sauce? They probably got it. You wanna choose from 50 different types of noodles? They got em.
They have a great selections of items like instant noodles and teas! As well, they have items from countries that are hard to find anywhere else. For example, they have a great Filipino section. They even have fresh Filipino breads, I happen to love fresh pandesal.
When I last went I even discovered things similar to vanilla essence, but in flavours like strawberry, rose and coconut! Market City Gourmet is full of amazing items like these to help you cook amazing things!
What Market City Gourmet lacks sadly is snack food. There isn't a great selection of things like chips, biscuits or candy. There is a little, so I do go there when I can't be stuffed going further out. I suppose this place is more for people who want to cook their own foods or do general grocery shopping. If you wanna just grab something and eat it this place isn't so great.

Lucky 7
223 William Street, Northbridge 6003

When you first go by this place, it looks like one of those little overpriced convenience stores in the city. But once you go inside, you discover it's actually a miniature Asian supermarket! It's right in the heart of Northbridge in the city, so it's super convenient to go to if you're already shopping in the city!
Lucky 7 is by far the best place I know of for asian snack food. It's pretty much all there is there! The chocolate and candy section is like a dream. They have a bunch of different kinds of pocky alone! (gaint strawberry pocky yo) They also are the only place in Perth I know of that sells strawberry mochi!
The savoury section has items I love like dried squid and chips, and so many varieties!
They even have large section of drinks from various countries. If you want aloe vera, lychee. green tea, whatever, they probably got a drink for it.
Whenever I'm peckish or craving a specific thing, Lucky 7 is where I go. It's asian junk food heaven!

Well there you have it! Two asian supermarkets that pretty much cover all the foods you might want! If you're ever near them be sure to pop in and grab some yummy things!  :D

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