Thursday, 18 September 2014

Alandra's Favourite Things: Usakumya!

Say hello to Usakumya! Usakumya is a sort of mascot for lolita brand Baby, the Stars Shine Bright and I adore him! He's a bear wearing a bunny ear bonnet. His name is a mix of the Japanese words for bunny (usagi) and bear (kuma)!
Every year Baby releases bag forms of Usakumya, and pictured above are the two that I own! These bags are pochettes. If you pull back his bonnet there's a zip to open him and you can put things in his body. They hold quite a bit surprisingly!
There's a story of how Usakumya came to be!

Deep in the forest of a faraway land, there lived a stylish little bear. On a sunny afternoon, the little bear happened upon a very long-eared bunny. In that moment, his heart was stolen by those lovely ears. The little bear wanted nothing more than a pair of long ears for himself. Thinking he too could have long ears, the little bear sat in front of the mirror and pulled on his round ears until they turned red. The little bear cried and cried every day because his ears remained the same. 
Then, one day, the little bear saw a lovely girl wearing BABY’s clothing. She listened to his story from beginning to end, and decided to grant the little bear’s wish! As if by magic, the girl presented the little bear with an exquisite bunny-eared bonnet. The little bear placed the bonnet on his head, and looked at himself in the mirror. All of a sudden, the tears stopped. The little bear looked just like a little bunny with red eyes from endless crying and long ears atop his head.

The girl exclaimed, ‘So cute! Where I am from, we call bears ‘Kumya.’ From now on, you will be known as ‘Usakumya-chan.” The little bear was so happy, he traveled to Candyland, where the girl resides. Everyone in Candyland wears BABY’s clothing, and everything there is cute and sweet. Usakumya-chan and the magical girl spent many fun-filled days in Candyland.

Adorable, isn't it?  :D
I not only love Usakumya because he's super cute, but because I feel like he represents lolitas. Like Usakumya wanting bunny ears, we see lolita fashion and wish we could wear. And when we finally get our first dress, we put it on and it's wonderful!
I guess you could say Usakumya is my spirit animal?  XD

Here's some of my adventures with Usakumya!

Eat some treats with me Usakumya?  :P

Silly Usakumya, what are you doing?!


More selfies...

And one of the few photos with my poor rejected black Usakumya  XD
Is it mean to say I love my white one more?  >_>

Holding a big Usakumya dressed like a princess while I was in Japan! I wish I could take her home!!

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